Artworks & Artists

Enhance your database to streamline your business.

Archive technical details, multiple high-res images, IDs and tags of your artworks.
Also add exhibition histories, bibliographies and other related documents.
Track acquisitions and evaluate activities.
Select the data you want to make visible to third parties when sharing and exporting.

Mobile App

Keep your office at your fingertips, at art fairs and on-the-go.

Download the Artshell App for desktop, tablet and mobile from the App Store.
Your devices will all be instantly synced with one other.
Use Artshell on your mobile devices to:
send emails with details to your contacts wherever you are
select the works to be displayed to your clients, even offline

Cloud Sync

All in one place, always up to date.

Artshell doesn’t need to be installed and has unlimited cloud space.
Access your private account from any online computer.
Any changes made will also be visualized on your mobile devices.


Bring your network of contacts to life.

Add an unlimited number of contacts with details and documentation.
Use your own tagging system to filter and group them.
Monitor the activities and interests of your clients.

Tags & Lists

Boost your performances with targeted communication.

Organize your contacts with a custom tagging system by adding interests or attributes.
Use tags to group and filter addresses into dynamic lists to send targeted emails.
Create static lists by manually selecting ad hoc contacts.
Do simple searches for a single field or cross-reference several fields for an advanced search.

Export & Documents

Create checklists, portfolios and dossiers in one click.

Export one or more works and artists’ info sheets into PDF or Excel format.
Choose what information to show and what data to keep private.
Create documents for exhibitions and fairs, to send by email or print out.
Customize PDFs with your logo and company info.


PDF List

Artwork Sheet

E-mails & Newsletters

Send private views from wherever you are... yes, even from mobile devices!

Send emails from your usual address with the integrated mailing system.
You can write to a single contact, invite a list or send a newsletter to your complete mailing list.

Send your potential clients one or more artworks with details and documentation, updating availability and personalized offers in real time.
Design newsletters with images, add social buttons and customize them together with your logo. View reception, opening and click reports on all mail sent.

Import & Data Migration

Forget about obsolete inventory methods.

Import your contacts yourself using simple Excel spreadsheets.
Contact our specialists for consulting and quotations on the transferral of complete databases from old archiving systems.
Discover Artshell Concierge for the bespoke importation of your entire collection.

Privacy & Security

We meet the highest levels of digital security.

We protect your account and ensure that your data is never compromised or lost.
All data is stored on Amazon AWS–one of the world’s most secure server platforms–and accessed via a certified SSL connection.
A copy of all account data is stored for disaster recovery purposes only.
To ensure maximum privacy, our team has no access to and is not responsible for the content stored and shared with third parties.
Artshell adheres to the general data protection regulations currently in force.
Additional security services for account authentication are available upon request.


Artshell grows with its customers.

To start using Artshell, all you need is a brief remote training session with our team!
At no additional cost, you have a customer care service via email at your disposal, offering assistance within 24 hours during normal business hours.
There is also a service for telephone support for which a charge is applied.
Artshell continues to meet your needs with the introduction of new features. Follow us on social networks and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date.